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The Armorit product development process focuses on capturing customer requirements and transforming them into viable products.

Idea Generation

  • Build, visualize and expand customer ideas
  • Formal idea generation techniques such as:
    • Attribute listing
    • Forced relationships
    • Brainstorming
    • Morphological analysis
    • Problem analysis and identification
    • Concept illustration
    • Virtual prototyping
    • Rapid Prototyping

Idea Screening

  • Eliminate unsound concepts
  • Evaluation of typical product usage and characteristic
  • Physical prototypes and mockups

Technical Implementation Steps

  • New program initiation
  • Resource estimation
  • Requirement publication
  • Engineering operations planning
  • Master scheduling
  • Supplier collaboration
  • Resource plan publication
  • Program review and monitoring
  • Contingency plan


  • Launch the product
  • Produce and market
  • Fill the distribution pipeline with product
  • Continual critical path analysis